Using the results from disinformation research and fact-checking activities, the FENCE team will also develop and deliver media literacy training to an international group of journalists, fact-checkers, researchers, opinion makers, media professionals, policy makers and other practitioners dealing with disinformation, based on extensive experience of the project partners in four inter-related domains
  • journalism
  • media and disinformation research
  • communication and policy advocacy
  • training and education

Media literacy activities will be focused on Bulgaria but will have also an important international aspect, covering all SEE countries. Both physical and electronic events will be organised and recorded so that they are made available through the project’s and EDMO repositories for future use.

FENCE will be contributing to EDMO’s repositories with newly created educational and training materials and, in particular, will develop specific training for journalists. Our aim is to ensure that journalists working for media organisations will be involved in the activities carried out by the academic and fact-checking experts, so as to acquire the necessary knowledge of state-of-the art tools and techniques to detect and properly debunk disinformation campaigns.