1. Detection of disinformation narratives and particular fake news, related to them, through manual monitoring of preselected list of media sources related to foreign political and economic stakeholders
  2. Elaboration of list of information sources in Bulgarian language to be monitored as a possible origin of respective narratives and fake news, incl. media and their Facebook and Twitter accounts
  3. Identification of specific narratives and particular fake-news, originating in the above sources on a weekly base, through manual content-analysis and debunking techniques and use of corresponding content-registration templates and protocols offered by the project’s collaboration environment
  4. Fact-checking of identified news pieces through filling in respective templates and
    protocols using the collaboration environment and based on the CSD and Mediapool experience in debunking activities and EDMO manuals and procedures. The results from the fact-checking will be published and communicated as wide as possible
  5. Elaboration of a list of about 300 web- and social media (Facebook, Twitter) pages in Bulgarian and English languages to be monitored and analysed through automated techniques
  6. Prompt detection of emerging disinformation campaigns with potential negative impact on public opinion-forming at national/regional level and assessing the impact
  7. Expose disinformation campaigns, including their impact on society and democracy