WHO will not “suspend the Constitution” of Bulgaria and “abolish” human rights

It is not true that newly drafted international health rules give the WHO the right to declare pandemic regimes in countries, take away national sovereignty and abolish human rights. The so-called pandemic agreement being discussed within the WHO does not even have an initial text version yet. Whenever it is ready and whatever form it takes, its implementation in Bulgaria will require ratification by Parliament and will not suspend the Constitution.
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It is not true that the US has closed its diplomatic offices in Ukraine.

The allegations come from the Facebook account of Prof. Mikhail Mirchev, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology in the Department of Political Science at the UNWE. In 2020 the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” terminated the civil contract of Mirchev, after a decision of the Ethics Committee of the University due to a signal from students.

The US embassy in Ukraine, as well as the consulate in Odessa, have not been closed. Both institutions continue to provide support to American citizens who are in the troubled country. The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine responded in a letter to Factcheck.bg that diplomatic activities are “limited,” but not suspended entirely. “Ambassador Bridget Brink and her team are on the ground in Kiev and continue to work….,” the US diplomatic service in Kiev wrote.

PolitiCheck: No forced change of names of Bulgarians in Ukraine as Kostadin Kostadinov claims

The Constitution of Ukraine, adopted in 1996, establishes Ukrainian as the sole official language of the country. Thus, Ukrainian legislation requires the spelling of names in personal documents of each citizen to be according to the rules of the only official language in the country which is Ukrainian. There is no intentional discrimination towards Bulgarians or any other national or linguistic minority in Ukraine.

It is not true that an American scientist has “admitted” the laboratory origin of coronavirus

The claim that US economist Jeffrey Sachs has admitted to the artificial origin of the coronavirus in the US is false. It is also untrue that he claims it is US military bio-labs that distributed it. The economist expresses the opinion that the hypothesis of the laboratory origin of the virus should be investigated. There is currently no indisputable evidence of the origin of the virus.