Press conference on “Pro-Russian disinformation and the Kremlin’s anti-democratic messages in Bulgaria in the context of information war”

Although Russia’s economic presence in Europe has been declining in last two years, Bulgaria alongside with Serbia are the countries most inclined to safeguard and showcase pro-Russian disinformation and propaganda narratives and sentiments in Southeastern Europe. They serve as key hubs of economic, political and informational influence for the Kremlin and a base of operations…

There is no evidence that the Nord Stream leaks are linked to the presence of US military equipment in the area

There are no facts to support the claim that the leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines were caused by the US. No link has been established between the presence of US helicopters and a ship in the Baltic Sea and the leaks from Nord Stream 1 and 2. The suggestions that US President Joe Biden has promised to attack the pipeline originate from a speech he held 2 weeks before the invasion of Ukraine in which he does not mention any type of planned future attacks on the pipelines. There are still no results from the investigations surrounding the accident launched in Denmark and Sweden. UPDATE: According to an independent Swedish investigation in the region, there are explosive traces found at Nord Stream pipeline, which is an indicator for a gross sabotage.

PolitiCheck: Are MEPs booing Manfred Weber because of Boyko Borissov?

In order to debunk this, it is important to take into account the context in which Weber’s statement was made – the direct dispute with the Greens MEP Ska Keller, the criticism of the EPP and the mention of the upcoming debate on Borissov’s arrest as part of Weber’s argument that the Greens are politicizing the rule of law issue. During his speech, laughter and cheers could be heard as well as applause, thus it cannot be said that the MEPs ‘drowned out’ Weber by booing, nor that their reactions were related only to the mention of Boyko Borissov, as the headlines of the media publications suggest. At the same time, there are no false facts in the texts of the publications that give grounds for the qualifications made by PP GERB.

It’s not true that Germany sued a journalist for having a different opinion

Journalist Alina Lipp’s claims that prosecutors are investigating her because she has a different opinion from that of the German government and is presenting “the truth about Donbass and the war in Ukraine” do not correspond to the facts. The journalist is being investigated by the Centre for Combating Internet Hate Crimes of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Göttingen for publicly supporting the commission of criminal acts, including murder, genocide and war crimes.

In Switzerland they don’t put you in jail for using too much energy to keep warm, neither they make you rat out the neighbours for doing the same.

The photo included in the article, showing a Swiss poster urging people to rat out their neighbors for failing to comply with energy efficiency measures, is fabricated. There are no such posters in Switzerland; the country’s energy ministry says the image is fake and that it has launched an investigation into the matter. The measures to keep temperatures below 19 °C in homes are voluntary, and there are no fines or penalties for possible non-compliance.

WHO will not “suspend the Constitution” of Bulgaria and “abolish” human rights

It is not true that newly drafted international health rules give the WHO the right to declare pandemic regimes in countries, take away national sovereignty and abolish human rights. The so-called pandemic agreement being discussed within the WHO does not even have an initial text version yet. Whenever it is ready and whatever form it takes, its implementation in Bulgaria will require ratification by Parliament and will not suspend the Constitution.
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It is not true that the US has closed its diplomatic offices in Ukraine.

The allegations come from the Facebook account of Prof. Mikhail Mirchev, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology in the Department of Political Science at the UNWE. In 2020 the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” terminated the civil contract of Mirchev, after a decision of the Ethics Committee of the University due to a signal from students.

The US embassy in Ukraine, as well as the consulate in Odessa, have not been closed. Both institutions continue to provide support to American citizens who are in the troubled country. The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine responded in a letter to that diplomatic activities are “limited,” but not suspended entirely. “Ambassador Bridget Brink and her team are on the ground in Kiev and continue to work….,” the US diplomatic service in Kiev wrote.