PolitiCheck: No forced change of names of Bulgarians in Ukraine as Kostadin Kostadinov claims

The Constitution of Ukraine, adopted in 1996, establishes Ukrainian as the sole official language of the country. Thus, Ukrainian legislation requires the spelling of names in personal documents of each citizen to be according to the rules of the only official language in the country which is Ukrainian. There is no intentional discrimination towards Bulgarians or any other national or linguistic minority in Ukraine.

It is not true that an American scientist has “admitted” the laboratory origin of coronavirus

The claim that US economist Jeffrey Sachs has admitted to the artificial origin of the coronavirus in the US is false. It is also untrue that he claims it is US military bio-labs that distributed it. The economist expresses the opinion that the hypothesis of the laboratory origin of the virus should be investigated. There is currently no indisputable evidence of the origin of the virus.

OPEN CALL: Debunking and fact-checking articles exposing Kremlin disinformation

The FENCE initiative, supported by the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), offers small-scale grants to boost fact-checking and debunking activities in Southeast Europe, with a special focus on Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania. The initiative’s aim is to reveal the Kremlin’s disinformation and propaganda narratives being spread across the region, and in particular those used by domestic actors in national political…

No, it’s not a picture of the President of Estonia with her son wearing a dress

A photo repeatedly shared on Facebook showing “the President of Estonia and her son” wearing a pink dress is fake. A similar photo, with the same people and apparently from the same event was also circulating during that time, gathering hundreds of reactions and negative comments firmly criticizing the liberal propaganda of the West. The image is far from new – it was taken on August 18, 2020. The man in the dress is Mikk Pärnitsa, an Estonian writer, translator and cultural critic. There is no evidence that Mikk Pärnitsa has any family connection to the now ex-president of Estonia.

Countering malign foreign disinformation and propaganda

Countering Russian disinformation and propaganda requires not only deterrence, but also a long-term strategy of media literacy training and awareness campaigns for the general public. In the short term, the creation of a state body to monitor the media environment and combat disinformation, similar to the existing ones in the Western countries, would help. Another…